Your Fullscale Computer Network Team

Have you considered hiring an in-house computer technician networking specialist, only to find out that you would be paying for needless downtime or for a generalist who could not keep up with the real time needs of your organization?

Imagine being able to hire a network specialist with decades of experience for the same amount of money – less money, actually.

The computer network technician that you need should have decades of experience. Trying to find an individual with the same amount of expertise as us will be difficult and costly. We can solve problems more quickly than even the most talented in-house computer and network technician.

Wants to be your virtual computer network support technician team

We are the team with experience in all network situations – not because we have one Superman, but because we have a network of talented and specialized individuals. These are people who know how to step aside and let a colleague handle a problem. They also know how to step in when their expertise is the one that is needed.

Aside from real time building and expansion for your network, there are many other advantages to hiring Computer Doctors on Call Ltd. as your ongoing network specialist.

First, you completely eliminate the overhead that comes with hiring an in-house employee. You’ll save money right off the bat. There are no insurance, training or other overhead fixed costs to pay upfront (before you get any service at all, by the way).

Second, instead of dealing with turnover when your in-house generalist decides to leave, why not invest in a remote team and completely remove the concept of turnover from your network infrastructure?

Third, you pay only for the service that you receive. An employee will need a vacation. A single person may get sick unexpectedly. He or she may have a child who needs assistance in the middle of a company crisis. You pay for all of these instances, you receive no services, and you have to take it. However, as a group of interconnected individuals and processes, we don’t get tired. We don’t take vacations.

In short, Computer Doctors on Call Ltd. is always on call. Take advantage of our experience. Leverage an outsourced team to ensure the safety and viability of your IT infrastructure. We are ready to help you build right now – give us a call or an email to get the process started.

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